New Temp Fence Acoustic Barriers for Hire

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Finally, the solution to noise reduction from Construction Sites, Civil Projects and Events

At GHL Temp Fence we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to find a product that controls noise and eliminates nuisance noise from worksites, heavy machinery and loud events.

There have been significant challenges to overcome due to the unique criteria required for a temporary fence:

  • Firstly, GHL had to search for a suitable product that worked on temporary fencing - something that was light enough to move around worksites and events, and could attach securely to a fence panel.
  • Secondly, it had to be weatherproof. We didn’t want it to double in weight every time it rained or from water on site.
  • Thirdly, the temporary fence itself had to be strong enough to withstand the extra loading, In addition, the fence had to be stable and safe in extreme windy conditions.

AND, we found it in our new acoustic barriers.

Our acoustic barriers are from Echo Barriers, market leaders in diminishing noise pollution. This new product complements our full Temp Fence product range.

Our acoustic barrier mats -

  • reduce noise of up to 20 decibels and reduce the number of noise nuisance complaints.
  • only weigh 6 kilograms.
  • have a simple hanging fastener allowing for quick erection and dismantling of the mats on each fence panel, for ease of movement to the source of the noise.
  • do not absorb water from rainfall or water onsite.

Our unique bracing solution for our temporary fencing ensure the fence withstands high winds and is not effected by the acoustic mats.

Let’s talk about how acoustic barriers can reduce noise on your next project - phone us now on 0800 TempFence or contact us for a quote

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