Temp Fence Hire

GHLTempFence - 100% Privately owned NZ Company with over 10 years Experience!

Temporary Fencing Hire : "On Time, Every Time"

GHL TempFence has over 50 kilometres of temp fence in its hire fleet for commercial, infrastructure & civil, residential, event fencing, crowd control barriers and temporary pool fence markets – ensure delivery when you want at a competitive price ensuring you and your sites safety every day.

You may know us as NZ Fence Hire form years back– with growth and commitment in the temporary fencing hire market, for over ten years, Goudie Holdings Ltd (GHL) with their fencing panels and complete systems that are strong, durable, stable and very competitive price, has continued to grow to be the number 1 temporary fencing company in Auckland.

We also hire temp fence accessories to match your requirements onsite – shade cloth, braces, feet, bases, couplers and clamps. Everything you need in safety fence hire that make it compliant with New Zealand health and safety standards.

You can rely on GHL Temp Fence for helpful service, from a helpful Team. "On Time, Every Time"

Not all temporary fencing is equal

The world of temporary fencing hire can feel a bit like the Wild West and it can be difficult to tell the difference between one company's products and another.

Find out what sets our temporary fencing apart - thicker galvanizing, UV ratings, regular bracing and concrete feet are just the start....

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